About Us

Lockwood Primary School (current enrolment 135) is situated in an expanding rural/residential area, 14 km southwest of Bendigo and caters for the Primary Years of schooling. The rebuilding of the school in 2000 created modern buildings that reflect 21st century educational principles, including flexible learning spaces which provide for a wide range of adaptive teaching and learning activities. The school’s architecture directly supports our goal to meet each learner at their point of growth.

Our vision statement, Learning, Caring, Laughing, Sharing is embodied in our philosophy:

  • to meet all learners at their individual point of growth,
  • to engage students in their learning journey,and
  • to foster the skills and habits that will enable our students to:
        • thrive in a rapidly changing world,
        • adapt to future challenges,
        • be healthy, caring and contributing global citizens.

Lockwood Primary School students can expect to experience a sense of calmness and safety within a friendly, caring environment. This begins in Prep with our extensive Better Buddies program. While still in kindergarten, students are paired up with a Grade 5 buddy who they’ll meet on Orientation Day. After that, our Better Buddies program continues to support students to make a smooth transition to school, including being greeted by their buddy every morning. More information about the Better Buddies program can be found on this site.

The You Can Do It keys to success form the basis of our wellbeing program and cascade through our assembly program, weekly awards and weekly newsletter. A restorative approach that focuses on learning from mistakes and providing opportunities to repair and restore relationships, is central to our philosophy.

Research indicates that an integrated curriculum is the most powerful way to foster deep understanding. We strive to integrate the curriculum as much as possible; so that all aspects of the learning program relate to the term’s central inquiry or theme. Thematic language is thus continuously reinforced through a range of subjects and activities. This includes integrating our specialist program, excursions and incursions and special events.

Curriculum delivery is through multi-age classes. Features of our curriculum include:

  • School-wide specialist classes in STEM, Creative Arts and ICT;
  • Mandarin Language Program involving all students Prep – Grade 6;
  • Embedded programs, including: Reading Recovery, Instrumental Music, Health, Library and Physical

Education (including inter-school athletics sports, cross country, swimming & gym programs);

  • Personal and Social Development programs including You Can Do It, Buddies program, Health Education, Musical Production, Camps for Grades 1 to 6, excursions and incursions, Bike Education (Grade 5), Peer Mediation, Junior School Council, Tournament of Minds, Righteous Pups, Grade 6 Graduation and Energy Breakthrough.
  • Opportunities to develop and use Information and Communication Technology skills are provided at all grade levels, with a 1:1 technology program in place for Grades 3 – 6 and readily-available technology in every classroom.

Lockwood Primary School Council is the major policy and decision-making in the school. Every committee includes a parent representative, drawn from Council. We also have a very active Junior School Council which hosts our weekly student-led assembly and has a voice in decision-making in the school. Our vibrant and dynamic Parent’s Club is responsible for major fundraising and student-based initiatives including special lunch days, free fruit Tuesdays, lunch order program, dance program, Halloween Disco, Book Fair and a major raffle.