Parent Volunteering

Every family is expected to volunteer at least once per year. At the start of the year, parents nominate the events or activities they wish to be involved in and volunteer teams are formed by the staff member responsible for coordinating Parent Volunteering. Each classroom has a parent representative who liaises with the Parent Volunteer Coordinator to act as a contact point to ensure volunteering/fundraising information is shared with the parents in each classroom.

Volunteering benefits everyone!

  • Students love to see their parents engaged and connected with the school and feel proud of their parent's commitment to the school;
  • Fundraising allows us to undertake major projects like the Fitness Track;
  • Fundraising pays for bus transport on major excursions, reducing costs to families;
  • Volunteers support a range of special events and services:

In 2018, our Fundraising Focus is: purchasing equipment for our STEM Centre.

Sign-up sheets are located in the entrance area. Please sign up for a shift on an upcoming fundraising event:

  • Showgrounds Clean-Up - Sunday, 4th March 8.00-9.00am
  • Bunnings Cake Stall - Saturday, 17th March 8.00am - 4.00pm
    • Sign up for a 2 hour shift on the Cake Stall
  • Easter Egg Hunt Helpers - 29th March
    • Helpers to "bag" eggs
    • Helpers to hide egg bags in classrooms