Healthy Eating

Lockwood Primary School “takes the cake” when it comes to being a healthy school - and that “cake” is full of fresh fruits, vegetables and contains zero sugar, additives or preservatives!  We are absolutely committed to promoting students’ dietary health.


Our Healthy Canteen Committee completely overhauled our lunch order menu in 2017 and, with the support of School Council and our Healthy Eating Policy, we now provide a lunch order menu that aligns with the Department of Education’s Healthy Canteen guidelines by including mainly green category foods.


We employ a qualified chef and a local catering company to prepare our Friday lunch order menu based entirely on fresh healthy foods with a high vegetable content. Think: beef sliders, chicken wraps, filled potatoes and  spaghetti bolognaise chocked with veggies.  Yum!


The initial catalyst for change was a private screening of the award-winning movie, “That Sugar Film” at Bendigo Cinemas in 2016. That was followed up by a visit from “The Root Cause” – their healthy-eating message was presented in workshops for students and parents and had a profound impact on student lunchbox contents.


Our Healthy Snack Canteen operates every Tuesday and serves sugar-free smoothies - including the Root Cause’s famous green smoothies - frozen pineapple and other healthy snacks.