Foundation (Prep) Transition Program


Starting school is a major step in a child’s life and at Lockwood Primary School, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. We want children to view starting school as an exciting adventure. We have a range of strategies in place to foster a stress-free transition, including personalised correspondence in the lead up to Orientation Day and during the Summer Holidays.

Parents often experience mixed emotions when their children start school.  We invite parents to capture those First-Day-of-School Emotions in a letter to their Prep child. The letters are kept safely here at school for the next seven year and then issued to students at their Grade Six Graduation Ceremony.


Lockwood PS will conduct a 4 session transition program in Term 4 2022 for children moving from pre-school to primary school. It is important that all enrolled children attend these sessions to help them become familiar with their new school environment and to enable teachers to prepare better for the following year.

Transition Program 2020 Term 4 dates are:

  • Tuesday November 15th 9:15 – 10:15am
  • Tuesday November 22nd 9:15 – 10:15am
  • Tuesday November 29th  9:15 – 10:15am


  • Tuesday December 13th 9:15 – 12:00pm (Bring lunch and a hat on this day)

We encourage all 2023 enrolled prep students to attend all transition sessions where possible.


Better Buddies Program

Lockwood Primary School is an Accredited Better Buddies School. Our formal Buddies program operates for two years. Incoming Prep students are matched up with a Grade 5 student who continues to be their buddy throughout Prep and Grade 1. Buddies greet their Preps in the morning and have lunch together in the Suncourt during Term One . Every Friday afternoon, Grade 5 and 6 Buddies escort and sit with their prep/Grade 1 students during the Weekly Assembly. Structured Better Buddies activities occur throughout the year including excursions and special events.


Dedicated Early Years Area

Our Early Years team has created an indoor-outdoor learning area that encourages children to learn through discovery and play. Our central learning area reflect the term’s inquiry and invites children to engage with the inquiry focus in creative and fun ways.


Early Years’ Curriculum

Our teaching team is comprised of teachers who are dedicated to Early Years’ learning and skilled at providing a learning program which challenges every child at their own level. Prep interviews are held in the first month, to determine each child’s stage of development and literacy/numeracy skills. That data is used to design learning programs that challenge and support the development of every child.
Contact the Principal, Carmen Huszar, to arrange a Prep Tour