Lockwood Primary School has a strong focus on student wellbeing. We want our students to feel valued, accepted and connected. We support our students to be able to recognise, reflect and monitor their own wellbeing.

Some of the programs and initiatives we utilise to support student wellbeing include:


The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program – this program promotes equality and helps boys and girls learn how to build healthy relationships. It prepares them to face challenges by developing problem solving skills and building empathy, resilience and confidence. It is underpinned by evidence that shows schools can prevent family violence by helping students develop an understanding of healthy relationships and respect.

The ideas and learnings in RR are embedded in all aspects of the curriculum and school day - in the way we speak to children, in the way we select teaching materials and in our expectations. Not only the awareness of gender stereotypes and treating both boys and girls the same, but building problem solving skills, developing confidence and cooperating with others. Respectful Relationships is a whole school program and way of thinking and doing, not just something classroom teachers do once a week.


School-wide Positive Behaviour Program – The SWPB ensures a consistent approach to behaviour expectations across the school. With input from students, parents and teachers, LPS developed this program in accordance with our values of Learning, Caring, Laughing and Sharing. The expectations, acknowledgements for demonstrating them, and consequences for ignoring them are explained in classes at the beginning of each year and regularly revisited. Our schoolwide matrix is available on our website and displayed and used in all of our learning spaces.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix


The Resilience Project Schools Program – The content focuses on the key pillars to resilience: Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM) along with Emotional Literacy, which is a key skill to be able to practice these strategies. With regular practice they increase learning capacity, emotional literacy, physical health and happiness.


Mental Health in Primary Schools Project – Since 2020 LPS has been one of the schools in the MHiPS Pilot project. Erin Malone is our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHWL) for two days a week (Mondays & Wednesdays) and facilitates this project across the school. The role of the MHWL is to build the capability of the whole school about mental health and wellbeing (identification, promotion and prevention), provide support to staff to better identify and support students with mental health needs, establish clear pathways for referral of students requiring assessment and intervention, and monitor and evaluate student progress.




Looking After Your Child's Mental Health Guide