Cross Country / Junior Fun Day

  • Date
  • March 29,2019

  • Time
  • 09:40:am - 12:30:am

  • Location
  • Malone Park Recreation Reserve

The whole school will travel to Malone Park on Friday 29th March to participate in the Cluster Cross Country and Junior Fun Day.

The Grade 3-6 children will compete in the Cross Country around the Malone Park (Marong oval) complex.

All children are expected to attend the Cross Country and simply try their hardest, if they walk most of the cross country course and come last it doesn’t matter as long as they are getting out there, participating, and trying their hardest!

The Prep-2 students will rotate around 8 activities and will be with students from the 6 LCDSSA schools. Each group will have a teacher from one of the schools, who will lead them around the activities. The activities take place in the middle of the football ground.