Life Education Incursion

All students from grades Prep to 6 will participate in a Life Education Session on Tuesday 28th or Wednesday 29th of May.   Cost for each student is $10.00.

Students in P/1 will participate in a session called “My Body Matters”, focusing on things children can do to keep themselves healthy, including the importance of personal hygiene, choosing foods for a healthy balanced diet, benefits of physical activity and sleep and ways to keep safe at home, school and in the community.

Students in grades 2-6 will attend the “BCyberwise” session. This module focuses on cyber safety, cyber ethics and building positive relationships with friends online and offline.   The students will explore a range of issues such as password security, risks of sharing personal information, how to communicate respectfully both online and offline and strategies to handle bullying, including cyberbullying.

Please complete the permission form (see under Documents to get a copy of the permission form) and return it and the money for the Life Education session to the school office by Thursday 23rd of May.