Cross Country & Junior Fun Day

Loddon Calder District School Sports Association Cross Country and Junior Fun Day 2019

This year’s Cross Country & Junior Fun Day is happening on Friday 29th March at Malone Park Recreational Reserve (Marong Football Oval).

This day aims to promote getting active and getting involved and will be a fantastic day and a chance for children to meet and compete with and against children from Bridgewater, Inglewood, Lockwood South, Marong and St Marys (Inglewood).

The children will travel to and from the event by bus leaving Lockwood at 9:40am and returning to school at about 12:45pm.  Consent to travel by bus is part of our local excursion permission which should have been completed at the beginning of the year.   If you have not completed the Pupil Information Update paperwork, it must be completed prior to your child attending on Friday.


The Grade 3-6 children will compete in the Cross Country around the Malone Park (Marong oval) complex.

All children are expected to attend the Cross Country and simply try their hardest, if they walk most of the cross country course and come last it doesn’t matter as long as they are getting out there, participating, and trying their hardest!

What to Bring

  • All students will need to bring their lunch filled with enough food to get them through the entire morning, and a labelled drink bottle and will share a bag with another 1-2 children on the day. These children will be able to have their lunch at the cross country while they wait for other competitors to compete.

  • All children will need runners, hats and clothing suitable for the weather. Please make sure that all clothing is labelled.


Timetable (approx. start times)

10:30 - 8 year old boys/girls                            11:20 - 11 year old boys

10:40 - 9 year old boys                                   11:30 - 11 year old girls
10:50 - 9 year old girls                                    11:40 - 12 year old boys

11:00 - 10 year old boys                                 11:50 - 12 year old girls

11:10 - 10 year old girls                                  12:10 – presentations


Cross Country Volunteers Wanted

In order to run this day safely and successfully we still require assistance from parents to act as point guards to point runners in the right direction in the cross country. If there are any parents who are able to assist on the day please let Fiona or Mrs Rees know.



The Prep-2 students will rotate around 8 activities and will be with students from the 6 LCDSSA schools. Each group will have a teacher from one of the schools, who will lead them around the activities. The activities take place in the middle of the football ground.


What to Bring

  • Grade P-2 children will need to bring their lunch and drink bottle. Please make sure these are well labelled as they will be placed in a class basket and taken to the sport ground. These students will have a scheduled lunchbreak at approximately 11:30.

  • All children will need runners, hats and clothing suitable for the weather. Please make sure that all clothing is labelled.       

Timetable (approx. start times)

10.10am -          Assembly                 11.00am -          Activity 5

10.20am -         Activity 1                  11.30am -          Lunch Break

10.30am -         Activity 2                  11.40am -          Activity 6

10.40am -         Activity 3                  11.50am -          Activity 7

10.50am -         Activity 4                  12.00pm -         Activity 8

Please note: The Cross Country & Junior Fun Day will be postponed if it is raining (as advised by the sports association) and children will be informed at school. If the Cross Country/Junior Fun Day is postponed it will be a normal school day and another date will be advised soon afterwards.

If you require any further information or have any questions regarding the Cross Country or Junior Fun day please contact Mrs Rees.


Karen Rees – Physical Education Teacher